About Julianna Danielle(:

Bonjour friendly followers! :)
 My name is Julianna Danielle, and I'm a highschool sophomore living in the pearl of Paris. ;) I adore parfaits, and I am a 100% fashionista! I work at La Pâtisserie des Rêves; a pastry shop filled with all sorts of tasty, sweet, and all together delish pastries!!
Also the taste of fresh Belgium waffles, topped with strawberries, powdered sugar, and whipped cream, shopping at the hottest boutiques, modeling in the latest fashions, and of course texting have always been a part of my life. 

You will also find me....
trying on pair after pair of the stylish shoes around
casually strolling through the sparkling streets of Paris 
coming out of the bakery with baguettes (my favorite<3)
singing my heart out in local coffee shops 
curled up with my best friends watching merveilleux movies (: 
getting magnifique french manicures with my besties
chatting with my boyfriend about things from parties to all the many ways God has blessed our lives.
talking to God and studying His Word (a cherished time of day) <33
and having a good time while stuffing myself with tarte tatin (a scrumptious apple tart garnished in sugar, butter, and of course caramel)

I love people who....
will laugh with you during happy times and cry their eyes out with you during the sad times, will always be there for you, and will share exciting memories with you. (:

Here is a little bit more about my personal life and my surroundings...
1) I live in Paris<333
2) I have extraordinary parents, and 2 superb sisters, who I love to pieces!<3
Angelica Marie - 21
Marcelle Renee - 14 check out her blog as well - Miss Paris Chic 
3) We have a bichon frise puppy (she is adorable!)
4) I take violin lessons.
5) I am a homeschooler, who has co-op every Monday.


  1. Hey Julianna!! I saw your fairly new button, and I thought that it would be fun to do a button swap? Let me know!

  2. Bonjour again Lindsey Madison!!! I would LOVE to do a button swap with you! Your button will be up on my sidebar in 1 minute (:

    Je t'aime,
    Julianna Danielle<3

  3. Hai Julianna, I just found your blog. I'm a new reader here, but i'll catch up!

  4. Hey Julianna! :)
    I just found your blog, and I was kinda, rather, SUPER excited that you live in PARIS! ;) Anyway.. just thought that was really neat, and I love your posts. So, I am following. :D

    Come visit me @ www.maid4him.blogspot.com


  5. Bonjour Mikailah! awwwh you're such a darling<3 Thanks so much for following (: You have a marvelous blog as well, I am following =D

    Je t'aime,
    Julianna Danielle<3333

  6. We also have co-op! But We do it every Thursday. I love homeschooling!

  7. Hello Julianna!

    You have my name! And a cute, cute, cute blog! I look forward to reading more of it! It must be amazing living in Paris!


  8. Bonjour!!! That is so cool that your name is Juliana as well. (: And aww merci, you have a fabuleux blog too! Chat ya later,

    Julianna Danielle<3

  9. Hi! :)

    Thanks for following my blog! I love your blog too!

    I always thought it would be so cool to live in Paris, but alas it is a mere dream of mine.

    I am also homeschooled, I have three sisters, and two brothers. And I too play violin. :)

    I follow your blog now too!

  10. Bonjour Hannah!<3 Such a sweet comment. Thank you dear! :) Je t'aime!! Chat you later.

  11. Hello, Julianna! I just found your blog; it's so very chic. I scrolled through a few of your fashion posts -- you have fabulous taste, dear ;)

    I'll be following shortly ♥
    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

    1. Merci ma chere!! I am now a follower of your blog as well love<3

  12. Julianna, thanks for following my blog! OMG you live in Paris?! I so hate you.:] Are you near the Eiffel Tower? (It is a dream to see it.:))


  13. Bonjour ma cherie! Oui, I live in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower ;) Thanks for following me back love<3 Je t'aime

  14. Love this Julianna! I have always dreamed of living/seeing/traveling Paris/France, so I am a bit jealous of where you live!

    I love fashion as well, (as you've probably seen).

  15. *Gasp/Sigh!* What a lovely life! Paris! Have you always lived in France?

    I love your blog! Thank you so much for following mine!


  16. haha I was born in France! I adore your blog as well love!! Thanks for following back <3

  17. I have always wanted to see Paris! I am also homeschooled, and I have a co-op every Monday!

  18. We sound very alike- except you live in Paris and I live in Texas...almost the same, right?;) I love your blog and I'm following:)

    1. haha yes! ;) Thanks for following my darling!!! Je t'aime<3

  19. Hey! Just found your blog through my friend Aby at Diamonds in a heart. I am a new follower and I really like your blog!

  20. Oh my gosh, you live in Paris? L-u-c-k-y!

  21. I am a homeschooler, too.