Friday, April 27, 2012

A sweet taste of France...

I'm really excited about getting to post about French food tonight!!! (I'm already missing France *sniff sniff*) haha just joking...I'm loving it so far here in North Carolina! Anyways back to the topic....I've always loved the smell of fresh pastries, and warm tarts topped with powdered sugar. <3 And tonight I get to express my thoughts by sharing photos of the most scrumptious French desserts.  espérons que vous apprécierez! (Hope you enjoy<3) (which dessert do you think you would like the most?! Or have you already tried any of these french delicacies?) ;)
This is a French Eclair! It is one of my all time favorite French pastries.<3  After being filled with either pastry cream, whipped cream, or a custard, this French delight gets coated with a remarkable chocolate icing!

The bavarois creme is a a delicate, rich, gelatin, and cream dessert<3 (can add fruit, whipped cream, and chocolate for an additional deluxe taste) 

Cream Puff. This delightful pastry is filled with either ice cream, whipped cream, or pastry cream. It is absolutely delectable! It can be left plain, or garnished with crisp caramel/chocolate sauce. And of course a quick puff of powdered sugar tops this cream puff off perfectly. 

 Creme Caramel Renversee. This is a delicious caramel custard. Its is served on a plate with caramel sauce drizzled on top (as you can see in the picture). hehe this dessert is served in many fancy French restaurants. yum yum!

These French shortbread  cookies are melt-in-your-mouth delicious!!  

This is my favorite cake EVER! The lemons and raspberries taste so good together in this superb lemon raspberry dacquoise. This cake is sure to start off the perfect day. It consists of chewy, meringue layers, lemon cream, and raspberry whipped cream. 

This is a fresh lemon souffle!! delish....(: 
Here is a meringue amaretto delicacy with cream and fruit. =)  

This is a peach melba parfait, one of my favorites!!!  It is tremendously delicious! It's made up of  fresh peaches, charming vanilla ice cream, ravishing raspberry sauce, and occasionally a poof of whipped cream! 

This strawberry savarin is a wonderful dessert to try! It's a  moist, buttery, and delicate strawberry cake. With a side of sweet strawberries, and a bowl of whipped cream, this French dessert will surely have you wanting more. :) So don't hesitate, make as much as your heart desires! hahaha just kidding.

Tarte Tatin. This is probably my favorite kind of tart. I absolutely love the taste of a fresh cooked apple tart. To prepare it for eating it gets caramelized in butter and sugar before baking. This tart makes a great treat any day!<3

These tiny little dessert are tulipes (or hot cookies right out of the oven)  with raspberry sorbet.  They are such elegant little treats!! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

arriving in the STATES

Bonjour again lovlies!! I have some big news! my wonderful sister Marcelle, my magnifique parents, and I arrived in the STATES (can you believe it?!). My older sis had to stay in France because of your job. (That stinks...but oh well. I'll definitely have lots of pictures to bring back to her.) =D You're probably thinking to yourself, "WHATTT?" But don't worry we'll be back in France in 1 week! My dad comes to the States occasionally for important business this time he took us girls along. :) Let me back up to the plane ride first.....
Well, this morning we all drowsily got out of bed and headed over to the airport. Marcelle couldn't stop talking....I believe she was a little too excited. ;) I, myself, was actually pretty scared. You see, I have never been much of a riding in the sky person. So, after getting our luggage checked, we had a little moment to stop and eat something. Of course, I had a berry parfait<3 Shortly after we had finished snacking, it was time to board the plane. I was literally shaking, not that I never been on a plane before....but like I said before, it's just not my thing. Luckily, it wasn't long till we were talking, singing, and having a delightful time in the plane ride. Now don't get me was a loooooonnnnngggg ride, so part of the time we were fast asleep. Now I'm going to jump ahead to what I'm up too right now....
Right now I just got finished drying and straightening my hair (I did it tonight so I wouldn't have to worry about doing it tomorrow<3), after taking a refreshing shower in our luxurious hotel. OH and tonight Marcelle and I watched American Idol for the first time after a WHILE (when we were younger and living in the States, we watched little tidbits of it...but didn't get much out of it)! =P Tonight we loved it!! I wish we could have seen it on wednesday (that's when they actually sing) =P, but we'll be looking forward to next wednesday!!! If you're an American Idol fan...who is your favorite contestant???! I haven't heard any of them sing yet...but me and Marcelle both are leaning toward Hollie Cavanagh. ;) Anyways....I'm SUPER DUPER excited, if I do say so myself! because.....we have some special outings planed for this week that I'm on-my-toes excited about! Tomorrow...Marcelle and I are going to see a theatre performance called 'Little Women'. And while were there, we get to meet a beautiful girl named Elisha. You can find her at . So...we're doing that at the end of the day. At the beginning of the day, we're going out to eat at a popular little bakery called Panera Bread. It's heard to have superb breads, soups, and much more! (of course nothing can top a French Baguette) ;) haha and for the rest of the week...well I'll go ahead and sum it all up in a few words: shopping, relaxing, eating out, blogging/emailing, and {hopefully} catching up on sleep. 

l'extrémité (in other words: The End).

Love to all,
Julianna Danielle<3

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

boutiques magnifiques

Bonjour again lovlies!!<3 How was your weekend? Mine has been extraordinaire! On Friday night Angelise, a dear friend of mine, came over for a visit (and of course..a sleepover)! Marcelle (my sis), Angelise, and I had a spectacular time together, snacking on all sorts of terrific tarts, partying, talking, and lottttssss of laughing!! And of course I didn't get much sleep. =P The bad part: I had to wake up at 5:00 to get ready for work on Saturday morning. The good part: I woke to the fragrance of fresh baked croissants coming right out of the oven! So, without any doubt, I stuffed my mouth full of the hot pastries while heading out the door. :) Finally...after I had finished work for the day, Marcelle and Angelise met me at the bakery (where I worked). I changed into a colorful and chic leopard print shirt and some jeans (along with adding some  fresh makeup).<3 ;) Then our night out began! We all had a bedazzling time touring all the hottest boutiques. When we finally arrived back at our cozy house, it was already 10:00! We were exhausted. We all dropped down on our sleeping backs with bags of clothing and accessories!! In less than 10 minutes we were all asleep. Sunday was amazing as well. We woke up at around 5:30 to get ready for church (that's about 30 more minutes of sleep than what I got the night before). ;) For breakfast, we all enjoyed our Sunday favorite, blueberry crepes! It was delish!<33 After an inspiring church service, Angelise went home and Marcelle and I spent our afternoon modeling in the new fashions we got the night before. <3 So, as you can see, I had quite a bizarre weekend! But I would never trade it for anything. (: Here are the pictures from Saturday night! Enjoy darlings!

isn't this gorgeous?! definitely my favorite purchase of the night! =)

SOOO glamorous!

This is just a small portion of the entire WALL of sunglasses!!

these are on my wishlist!

chaussures (or shoes)<3

floral shoes are so chic!

the diamond necklaces and rings in this store were breath-taking!

these last 2 eclairs go to Marcelle and Angelise.(:

super délicieux cakes!!! want a slice? ;)

Friday, April 20, 2012

accueil chaleureux!

accueil chaleureux! (in case you are wondering what this means 'friendly welcome').

My name is Julianna Danielle! I'm a 16 year old sophomore in highschool. (check out more about moi in the about me tab)My purpose in starting this blog is to...
1)inspire others
2)show Christ's love 
3)be an example
4)be a witness
5)make new friends and have a good time :)

Sooo...I'm really excited about starting a blog, as you can see!! I will try to blog as much as I can! Hope to get some 'french' followers! (;

~Julianna Danielle~
je t'aime